“Roman Holiday”; Falling In Love With Simplicity And Audrey Hepburn

I watched this movie on a recommendation from a friend and I
must say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. The movie slowly unfolds and lot of it
is conveyed through simple actions rather than too many dialogues. Audrey
Hepburn is the life of the movie essaying the role of princess on the run
flawlessly. When you watch this movie, you really feel that life was simpler in
those times. It is almost painful to watch Gregory Peck not even able to
persuade the princess to stay back when she is leaving his apartment for the
first time. He plays the perfect gentleman even though he desperately needs the
The best scene in my opinion is the one that happens at “Mouth of
Truth”. It is here Princess acts completely childlike, the hesitation to
put her hand, removing it and putting them behind her back and a childish giggle
follows and then asking him to put his hand. Reminded me of a 3-4 year
child I know. All of it is done very beautifully.
The final act where princess gives her press conference again entirely belongs
to Audrey Hepburn. The grace of princess, the love of woman and the fear of a
girl shown with just that smile and eyes. Really a great performance to watch.
I would have liked to see a version with subtitles though, since many of the
dialogues were in Italian. Even though the lovers do not unite at the end of
the movie, you still feel that it had happy ending. In the recent times, movies
are made with just too many dialogues and actions. I think people should go and
watch this movie to understand the power of simplicity in cinema.
Great movie and thanks to my friend.

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