“Kaminey”; Did Not Work For Me

I actually became Vishal Bhardwaj’s fan after watching “Omkara” and so had high hopes from this one as well. But somehow this movie did not work for me at all. The acting of various characters is good, the story is fast paced and engaging as well but there is something missing here.

First of all I do not like the way scenes are captured in the movie, there is too much of camera movement to show reality but in the end it confuses you more than giving any special effect. Also, most of the movie has dark background which is probably due to the subject but still it is not well done. Some would say that these were the strength of this movie and maybe it is but it does not work for me.

Even the lisping and stammering by Shahid that is considered high point of the movie does not work for me. Priyanka brings some of the freshness with the bold portrayal but briefly.

Overall, may be it is a masterpiece but not meant for me.

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