“Basic Instinct”; Sharon Stone And Extreme Provocation In Mainstream Cinema

I had heard about this movie right from my college days but never watched it till now. The movie had created lot of hype due to its provocative scenes by Sharon Stone more than the story. I found that movie lives up to its hype. It is definitely bold and provocative. It keeps your attention throughout the movie.

The best part is of course the chemistry between Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas. Not only the body play but the manipulation of his mind by her is worth watching.

The plot is complicated and after some time I lost the track of how who is being framed by whom. But I guess that is the idea. Even in the end, I am not really clear as to what happened.

Best scene in the movie, in my opinion, is the one where Michael Douglas, while smoking, (consciously or not) speaks in the way Sharon Stone was speaking during earlier interrogation, but of course he cannot imitate the leg spread.