“Gulaal” By Anurag Kashyap Is Another Offbeat Movie To Shock You

I watched “Gulaal” by Anurag Kashyap. When I started
watching it, I was not sure who the director is, but after watching few frames,
I was quite sure that it must be Anurag Kashyap. This may be a compliment as
well as baggage. Somehow, I felt that technique of this kind of story telling
is becoming a fashion, but film-makers should understand that movie should not
confuse people.
I found that movie had interesting scenes, good sequences, very good acting,
music but I did not like the movie. It happens to me very often. There are
times when I like the movie despite of it not having good performances. I have
sat through many such movies where I got bored watching specific sequences, but
somehow the movie is gripping in whole. I felt that such wholeness was missing
in this movie.
I may sound old fashioned but for me the movie needs to have a story, a
starting and an ending and the sequences in the movie should connect it
together. If there are moments of boring moments, unnecessary songs (as it
often happens in bollywood movies), it is ok as long as the thread is taken up
again during the movie. When I am watching a movie, I am not watching a news
item or a documentary. Somehow that is the feeling I got while watching this
The good things about the movie
1. Kay Kay Menon and his performance as usual
2. Mahi Gill and her dances. Her acting performance was better in DevD
3. The music, songs and their ultra modern lyrics. Amazingly done.
4. Crisp editing. It kept the pace of the movie but I think somehow it cut the
story as well
5. Dialogues were really good at times
6. Piyush Mishra – his songs and dialogues. I am not much fan of his style of
acting though.
The bad things about the movie
1. I found other performances to be average.
2. Disconnect between the great gameplans of KK and the actual reality of what
he had
3. The ease with which everything gets over
4. The whole story of Dileep Singh. How could he be so dumb all the time?
Sometimes, I feel that filmmakers should do a screening of movie to a random
audience. More than critics, filmmakers, it is the audience who finally likes
or dislikes the movie and can give the honest opinion. Filmmaker will never
realize what is wrong since they are associated with the movie. Critics will
have a very different opinion since they have to write about it and earn money.
It is the audience who pays to enjoy the movie. By enjoying, I do not mean
movies with song, dance, happy endings, but the movie where audience feels
“paisa vasool” at the end.
I guess enough for the day. Will come back again.