“Love Story”; Great Book, Not So Great Movie

“Love Story” by Erich Segal is one of the finest love story book I have ever read but why is it so that the movie is a complete failure. Is it because they tried to make it exactly like the book? The whole movie looks so artificial and phony. There have been many movies on a similar storyline and all of them are probably better than this one.

Do not know what Erich Segal was thinking during making of this movie. I did not like the actors. The attempt to keep the dialogs exactly same is a complete failure. Background score sucks. Overall a complete disappointment.

Though I will concede that I might not have liked the movie since it is completely different from my perception of the characters from the book and others who have not read the book may still like it, but then it is my blog and my feeling is that this movie is bad.