“Volver”; Too Many Conversations And Drama

This is an interesting movie, primarily a female cast with multiple generations coming to terms with the events of their life. It is one of those movies that you want to watch and understand in native language (spanish in this case) as compared to reading subtitles. Since that is not possible for me, I had to do with English subtitles but I am sure I missed a lot of movie in this translation.

I did not find anything extraordinary in the movie and probably that was the plus point of the movie. It just flows through the lives of various characters, who are simple people but who have suffered in their life specifically Penelope and her mother. But these characters still fight it out in their simple ways even though they are scared.

“Vicky Cristina Barcelona”; Barcelona Was Great, Vicky Cristina Not So Much

The only reason why I am writing about this movie is due to the city of Barcelona. I did not find the movie very good, but I have fallen in for Barcelona. To me the movie was average, with multiple girls falling in out for the painter and not being sure of what they exactly want.

This is one of those movies where the end is not really an end to a story. But the movie portrays some particular time in the life of characters and then let the characters drive the narration with no specific end in mind. Sometimes such a movie can be great but I did not find it to be that good.

On the other hand, the filming of Barcelona is good. I liked the rugged look of the houses and the simple life that is shown in the movie. Somehow it felt that if we could have an ideal Indian coastal village, it will probably look very similar.