“Schindler’s List”; Movie Making At Its Best But Why Do We Have These Stories

Normally movies are watched for entertainment and then I try to write about them mainly to say where I felt like whistling and clapping. But what to write about a movie where you feel depressed, sad, fear and revulsion. It is so difficult to praise a scene or acting in the movie since you find it so difficult to separate the content from the art of movie making.

I remember that I had similar kind of feelings when I watched “Bandit Queen” by Shekhar Kapoor. The movie does not entertain you. Something similar happens while watching this movie. You hate the characters and scenes so much that you cannot appreciate the performance. Some would say that we can feel happy that Schindler was able to save so many lives, but I am unable to feel happy even at that.

My thoughts are exactly that of Schindler where he is going away after the war and is crying why he could not save more. If the world had done more, maybe more lives could have been saved.

Definitely, this movie is the art of cinema at its best, but it would have been much better for the world if there was no need or stories to make such movies.