“Before Sunrise”; Refreshingly Great Romance

This is definitely not a movie to watch alone, it somehow enhances the feeling of loneliness. There have been many movies about love stories developing in a course of day but I have not seen anything like this before. The overall effect is much more since the characters decide in the beginning that they are going their separate ways after sunrise.

It is also a movie that has just two people talking throughout. Even though the movie is shot at good locations, you almost do not see those. The movie simply and completely focuses on two individuals who are coming closer slowly and surely.

It is also interesting to see that characters do not have similar nature but they are good people trying to understand each other with genuine affection.

Overall a wonderful movie to watch. The lady Julie Delphy looks beautiful. There were two scenes that I liked most. One in the records shop where they are listening to Music and also stealing glances at each other while trying to make sure that other person do not notice. Very subtle way of showing people getting attracted. The other scene is where they make imaginary calls to their friends talking about each other.